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Dennis Francis is a Professor and currently, the Dean of Education at the University of Free State. Prof. Francis is also an Honorary Professor of Education at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He holds a PhD in Sociology and teaches in the fields of Social Justice Education and Sexuality Education. He has written extensively in the areas of identity studies, education for social justice and youth sexuality. He is the author of Acting on Sexuality and HIV and Between Race, Within Race. Dennis is a National Research Foundation rated researcher.

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Dean of the Faculty Education:
Prof Dennis Francis


Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Education webpage! As Dean, I feel privileged to lead a faculty that places our connectedness with each other at the heart of our work. This is something we foreground, as Education does not rely on a single disciplinary base. We reach excellence through our interaction with each other, enabling us to draw on different disciplines.

The Faculty of Education educates teachers in several disciplines. Our one role is to prepare pre-service teachers for their work in schools, ensuring that they have a strong disciplinary base for their professional work. A second major role is the teaching of in-service teachers. This work is informed by and closely related to our research and community outreach.

We bring to our work a keen interest in the local context, as the opportunity for exploring issues that are universal in education. We work closely with schools and other sites of education, and attempt to keep theory and practice in dialogue with each other.

We place a high value on students as central to our work. Most students are currently in our undergraduate Bachelor of Education degree. These students are mostly preparing to be teachers in primary and secondary schools. In the postgraduate area, we offer Honours degrees, Masters degrees and a Doctoral programme.

We have a diverse and experienced staff who are specialists within their disciplines, but also collaborate in inter-disciplinary work in teaching and research. For specific information, follow the Staff link on our Web page.

Research by staff of the School includes work that is focused on issues of teaching and learning in specific disciplines, as well as research that focuses on more general matters – educational contexts, social issues, and curriculum more generally. Although teaching and learning is a major focus of our scholarship and teaching activities, it does not exhaust the range of educationally relevant challenges that interest our staff and students.  


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